Sunday, September 16, 2007

Viva Pinata: Getting that Dragonache!

Ok, so I recently got Viva Pinata, it rocks so if you don't own it, get it, so you can kill time before Halo 3. Anyway, After a day or two my garden was thriving and I was leveling up pretty fast. Then I heard about the Dragonache. My first reaction was to think, nah that's too hard for me to get, but after chasing an exotic garden for a few hours, I decided a Dragonache would be well worth acquiring.

Preparing To Get Dragonache
You can't just attract a Dragonache, you need to mine for one! Once you are level 26 or higher, you are able to build a mine and hire miners.

-First start a new garden and leave it empty, but whack out most of the hard soil.
-Go to Willy Builder and order a mine at night, so it will be reading in the morning.
-After ordering a mine, go to Arthur's and hire TWO miners.
-Acquire a Candary (either buy a Sparrowmint from the Hunter (go express) and feed it a buttercup or just purchase a Candary from the Hunter) and give it a gas mask and a joy sweet or two.
-When the mine is complete wait for the miners to arrive. Give them both 3 lots of $100 to make the overjoyed, this will make them mine better. Then send them down the mine with the Candary.
-Order a worker house from Willy Builder and place it near the mine, so that miners can mine more.

NOTE: Make your mine more profitable by purchasing a Lantern O Loot from Ivor Bargain. It increases the value of money found by 5X!

Getting Dragonache
Getting this fabled beast requires lots of patience. It could take days to get a Dragonache. Even a whole Pinata month! The important thing is to keep your workers and Candary overjoyed. Buying the Candary a house and naming it is a good way to keep it happy, but the best way is buying it sweets.

If you need money during your quest for the Dragonache, your mining garden is the perfect place for growing chilli en masse. Plant rows of chilli and give each chilli 3 doses of special mix fertiliser, this will make the value of each chilli 400 chocolate coins, repeating this all day will get you quite rich. You could use this wealth to make more mines, hire more workers and more Candaries, helping your quest to get a Dragonache.

Hatching your Dragonache
So after a long search you finally have your egg. Hatching it is simple. Buy a Cluckles from Paper Pets and direct it to your egg. It will sit on it and cause it to hatch, congratulations, you have a Dragonache! The place where the egg hatches determines it's colour.

-Hatching it on dirt/mud will make it brown and purple
-Hatching it on dry/cracked earther will make it golden
-Hatching it in water will make it blue
-Hatching it on any type of grass will make it green

Maturing your Dragonache
Unfortunately, your pesky Dragonache doesn't go into a cocoon and mature itself, you have to feed it stuff to mature it.

To mature a Dragonache must eat:
-A bottle of milk
-A snapdragon flower
-A dragumfly
-A Redhott
-And a Salamango

There, the journey is over, you have an awesome Dragonache. You can only have one per garden though. As a result they cannot romance. The dragonache cannot be put in a box, sent or traded and it has no home. It cannot get sick or die or have accessories. If it is sad, it will fight other Pinatas.

Apparently, there are over 20, 000 Dragonache variants...enough to keep you busy for a while!

Check out Pinata Island for information on everything Viva Pinata.

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Anonymous said...

nouthings ever simple is it thanks for the info tho

Anonymous said...

20,000 variants!!!!!!! omfg! lol i aint doing tha

Anonymous said...

lol....i just went on viva pinata today and found this weird egg that wouldn't hatch. didn't know anything about drangonaches until I read this xD

Bruce said...

I must've lucked out or something. I played the game for about 12 hours. Got a mine and found an egg. So I searched the new and found your post which told me what it was and what to do with it. Thanks.

Amit Parashar said...

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Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!