Monday, September 3, 2007

Pimp your 360

Let's face it, the Xbox 360, while rather nice looking, is quite plain. We can purchase faceplates, but the rest of the 360 then remains plain still. The solution my friends is simple. Skins! Several sites (Decal Girl , 360 Covers ) feature high quality vinyl skins. You can even design your own!

If you still want more, or are unhappy with the white 360 case, help is at hand. Some sites sell custom cases! You can get black cases, transparent cases (perfect for LEDs), green cases and more. The green cases are pretty handy if you want a Halo style 360. Not only can you get custom cases for the console, but you can also get them for the controller, some even come with LEDs.

Now onto LEDs. You have a transparent case or something, or maybe you want your vents to glow, LEDs are your solution. Carefully planned LED arrangements look the biz. LED arrangements that someone else made look even better. Yep, you can even buy LEDs that just plug into your Xbox 360. Awesome.

For awesome customised 360s and more look here.

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