Monday, September 17, 2007

Prey Guide: Unleashing Some Cherokee Whoop-Ass

So you're just getting started on Prey, or maybe you're just a little stuck. Here are a few helpful hints for kicking some alien ass on Prey. It took ten years to make, but it shouldn't take ten years for you to complete.

General Tips
-If you are unsure if enemies wait ahead, use spirit walk (Y) to scout ahead and if need be, use your spirit bow to take out enemies.
-The spirit bow is a highly effective weapons, several headshots can wipe out a Centurion after the first encounter.
-Headshots with normal weapons aren't always effective
-If you're stuck on a puzzle, look for the sun symbol, it's your only solution.
-Remember you can use secondary fire, which is often more damaging than primary fire.
-Remember to keep your leech gun charged
-The most effective leech gun charges (lightning and sunbeam) should be used sparingly, they're lifesavers.

(Those pesky, weak dog like creatures, seen occasionally throughout the game.)

-It seems all the Fodder are made to waste a little of your ammo. Use your spirit bow on them or a grenade, don't waste any precious ammo.

(The bigger dog like creatures with exposed brains, cause more damaged, take more bullets)

-Hounds are tougher than the Fodder, so keep a nice distance between them and you, but don't snipe them, keep moving backwards and use normal fire.

(The most common and human-like enemy alien in the game, they often appear from portals. Deadly in groups, however they can easily be annihilated)

-Headshots with the snipe function of your rifle will kill a Hunter in one shot, which is incredibly useful
-A blast from the acid sprayer in the abdomen or chest seems to kill a Hunter in one shot too.
-The leech gun is also highly effective against hunters, but the leech gun ammo should be preserved for larger enemies.

Mutilated Humans (MH)
(Strong enemies, will only attack if you attack them or linger around them for too long, if you can avoid them, but I take comfort knowing they're dead and not following me...)

-These super-humans can survive losing their head, and when they lose it they chase you. A secondary shot from your rifle (sniper mode) will kill a headless MH.
-A spirit bow shot can kill an MH in one shot.
-Heavy weapons aren't necessary, but they are a help. However it's better to save your most powerful ammo.
-Don't linger around them, and if you can, leave them be.

(They come in two varieties, one floats, the other walks around on mechanical legs and hides in flaps in walls and on floors. One thing they have in common is that they're both a major pain in the ass!)

-Use your Leech Gun on these beasts, and generously, they're what you've been saving your ammo for.
-The spirit bow is good for softening them up
-They are quite tough, so be patient and use your heavier weapons (ie the weapons you get later on in the game)

(Rather large creatures with the giant claw)

-Avoid them when they charge, or you'll be in the Death Realm alot.
-Use your heaviest weapons such as the Leech Gun, Auto Cannon and Launcher. They're another reason to save ammo.

(Like green jellyfish that fly and spit acid)

-The Lightning Leech works best, it'll pop these annoying things quickly.
-Sometimes it's useful to keep them alive, they attack anything that moves, which is helpful when you have little ammo.

(Flying robots, major pain in the ass)

-When in a vehicle, it can be useful to use the tractor beam to draw them in and then blast them.
-The Leech gun is the best way to get rid of them.

Wraiths (and Wraith Children)
(Those spirit things, blue, red and child)

-The spirit bow is the only way to kill the blue and red ones, because you only meet them in the Death Realm.
-The Wraith Children take a bit of hammering, use the Spirit Bow to kill them, it seems to be quite effective.

*Contains spoilers past this point*


(The first boss)

-Hammer away at this beast
-Use the spirit bow
-Hide behind pillars, collect ammo as you move around

Girlfriend X
(Jen grafted onto some reptilian beast)

-This beast can heal itself, but you can stop that by blasting away at the probes that it uses to heal itself. Destroying these probes destroys it's weapons.
-Avoid it's attacks, run around lots.
-Don't use heavy ammo until it's probes are destroyed.

The Keeper
(Big brainy things that shift using portals)
Note: The first and only the first keeper can summon any beast that exists on the Sphere. While killing these beasts, save your Leech Gun ammo.

-Leech gun (lightning and sunbeam) do the most damage.
-Take cover while it throws objects around and fires.
-Only attack when it's shields are down.
-Unleash your heavy weapons.

(Needs no explanation, final boss)

Round 1

-To destroy the case the boss is in, you must use your spirit bow on the glass panels. No other weapons will damage it.
-Enemies warp into the area, destroy them in order to gain more spirit energy.
-She can do no damage here
-Use this time to charge your Leech Gun if it is empty/not full.

Round 2
-The corners of the "arena" contain mines, press the pads on these corners to release a mine
-When mother floats close, shoot the mine then unleash some heavy fire
-Repeat this process till she dies. Then pat yourself on the back, you completed the game and unlocked some concept art.

*End of spoilers*

That concludes the guide. Good luck. Go whoop some ass.

PS: If you want an easy achievement, use the poker machine on board the Sphere. It gives royal flushes most of the time!


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